New year and new things on mind to buy. Time for summer, time for holidays. Today I started the Flight Attendant's classes. It's going to be just two classes but enough for going to downtown to see the offers! And that's why i went to Zara today to buy some things for my holidays in Miramar.

It was in the middle of a huge pile of other sweaters. At first sight I didn't know what it was but a tried on and I loved it. I was about to buy it but I decided that it was better if I buy it when i find a job... Hope it will be soon.

I want it, I want it, I want it... definitely i want that coat. I saw it and I couldn't resist myself, I put it on and I started daydreaming about the winter coming soon and wearing that awesome coat in B.A.'s streets. But first of all I have to save money beacuse I'm run out of money... However, I can still dream about the day i will buy it and it will be mine!

bye~ ♥

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