I need some summer literature

What I really need is to find some books for the coming summer... Last Monday I went to a book shop and it's too difficult to choose, I want to read some from Barthes (I'm not studying communications anymore but I love the semiologist and how he wrote about love although it sounds a bit weird) but, at the same time, romantic novels appeal to me. The same thing happens when I read about fashion. Decisions... decisions... Why is to difficult to make them? If I had the money, I wouldn't have the problem. Why life has to spin around it ? it's sooo annoying. 

Well, I'm going to read some critics and i'm going to decide... I swear. However, if someone has something to recommend... fell free to comment :) 


And here I am

I know, I haven't written for a long time. I didn't have any problem, actually I just didn't feel like writing these days (or should I say months? Anyway...)

I'm making changes in my life... I never thought that it was going to be such a difficult task! What do I want? Well, first of all: Money. My life next year will be chaotic and I'm going to need money if I want to afford my studies...and the books...and the bus...and the food...and my BlackBerry (?) The university where I want to go is a bit expensive but it's one of the best I have read about. It has good critics (by internet people duh!) and it has a lot of chances that would be useful for my personality. I really need to grow up and to start taking things seriously ...

The problem is just one little thing...
What I love and what I like are completely different from each other... And if I choose what I like, I will have to put what I love aside... but if I choose what I love, I don't know if I'm going to success 'cause there are so many people who are better than me in this issue. I'd rather choose what I like and put what I love closer at hand  just in case my opportunity arrives :)