Believe it or not !

1. I hate people who break promises. Even the most silly ones.
2. My plan is to have a husband in each country I'm going to visit.
3. My heart belongs to Milo Ventimiglia and Federico Amador. To no one else.
4. I lied about something related to another something.
5. I dreamt about rabbits that could make poop of chocolate. Yummy ~
6. I'm afraid of horses.
7. I would like to be a serial killer. But no time : (
8. My mom let me fall down from the table when I was a baby. She doesn't remember why yet.
9. I lie everytime I can.
10. I'll never write ten thing you will never know about me in a sheet of paper... NEVER

It's a "believe it or not" Your work, not mine. Thanks <3

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