I'm run out of....

Of what? Of money people.

And not just in real life, also in virtual life. In real life, summer is coming and I don't have time to rest, don't have time to study (want to start neither), don't have time to go out on a saturday night. I think the last one is the worst. Meanwhile in virtual life, I found such beautiful pages that i can't afford, can't even look 'cause if i do, i'm going to cry or worst, i'm going to use my credit card to buy something that first of all, is in american dollars and then, is from Europe so the sent is going to be more expenvise than the thing itself. Thanks mom and dad! I loved being borned here :3 Ok, I'm not going to be sarcastic.

Some of you would say: "Why don't get a job?" And my answer is always the same: "NOT UNTIL FEBRUARY" I'm going to be on holidays this january and if I find a job right now, i won't have holidays.

Anyway, i'm going to read the second world war. It's what really matters now ;___;


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